Claims Management

Our System


One system all functions. Built in-house with EDI connection and scanning capability. We live in a paper-less environment.

Claims Adjudication


Our specialized team of examiners have a fiduciary duty to adjudicate all claims promptly, fairly and in accordance with the coverage purchased. We have procedures in place to provide cost effective claims adjudication in many languages



While most claims are payable, we find that from time to time we need to unmask a potential violation of trust. We use skilled and qualified experts in the field of investigation.



We have a second review or appeal process that allows the claimant to provide additional information that would assist in a more favorable decision. We adhere to the CLHIO guidelines for Appeals.

Litigation Defence


We provide litigation defence or legal referral to our underwriters. Our lawyers are experts in the field of Travel Insurance Defence.

Recoveries and Subrogation


Contracted with all Canadian Provinces for GHIP reimbursement and we have access to a network of lawyers worldwide for Subrogation